गरम हवा garam hawa 1973


This is one of those movies that I saw when I was a kid and one that never left me. What I remember most about it was the fine language, its reality appeal and the status of women. People called it boring then and today it’s considered among the top 25 classics of Indian cinema — I read that somewhere.
It’s based on a story written by my mother’s favorite writer, Ismat Chugtai and was adapted to the screen by the great Kaifi Azmi (Shabana Azmi’s father). This is not a Bollywood film, it’s Indian cinema at its best.
I only saw it that one time, I could not find it on Netflix, so I will have to wait to get it from India.
Here is some information about it on Wikipedia, on the Bollywoodfan’s blog and on Upperstall.com
The link to Upperstall is my favorite!