Pic a day

In the interest of remaining creative and also cultivating routines (I am pathetically challenged in this area, I hate routines), I am going to take one picture a day (or choose one from all the ones I take) to post here.  I may not choose more than one pic from all the ones I take in a day.  I must shoot every day.
I also want the shots to be original (not necessarily beautiful).
For example, I will allow myself to use a shot of people I know and if they’re willing to be photographed.
I don’t want to take shots of man-made objects unless I was involved in the making of them in some way. I will take pictures of things I create (food, art, a floral arrangement, a table setting,  cross-stitch, scrapbook page, etc.). I will not use a picture of a painting, a brochure, a postcard, etc., that I find interesting… I may shoot them for personal enjoyment, but they will not represent my own creativity.
I will allow myself to borrow from nature. Nature lends itself to all of us.
Since I am a day late in starting this project, my first pic is going to be a borrowed one.  One my husband took for me with his camera of the rice paper spring rolls I made for the first time yesterday for dinner.
I will end the project on January 1, 2011 instead of Dec 31, 2010. Wish me  luck!
January 1 2010

Made rice paper spring rolls for the first time for dinner and they came out well. Not so difficult.  The recipe is atMediterrasian.com.  Substituted with red cabbage and made my own dipping sauce (dark soy sauce, rice vinegar, water, 1 clove garlic, vietnamese hot sauce, and oyster sauce).
January 2 2010

Oh, the sentinel leaked hot chocolate instead of pouring it… it’s hard to pour with my right hand and take a picture of the action with my left…I made myself some hot chocolate before putting this sentinel to rest until next year.
January 3, 2010

Hummus made from scratch with garbanzo beans soaked overnight and then pressure cooked for ten minutes, then roughly blenderized with lemon juice, salt, pepper, cumin powder, tahini paste, garlic and garnished with chopped olives and scallions.  Drizzle olive oil over everything since it makes it taste that much better! Serve with fresh pita bread, pita chips, roti, rye crackers… or eat by itself!