I’m bloggin’, Debra!


OUR HOUSE- is a very very very fine house, with NO cats (or dogs) in the yard...

I know it sounds simple but somehow the image of doors seemed to fit the new life we are starting in Thoreau (the first few days anyway).
When I think of doors the first image I see is that of closed ones. Closed doors make me think of privacy, secrets, territoriality, forbidden things, mysteries, hiding places,  How come the first image to capture my mind’s eye is not one of open doors? Especially since open doors are welcoming, inviting, warm, safe to cross, and represent new worlds waiting to be discovered.
It’s probably my initial apprehension of the unknown. Yet, hard as it was to leave Southern California and all our familiar surroundings and friends, I am curious to know what I will discover behind these new doors.  There aren’t many physical doors or boundaries if you will in Thoreau (as compared to Culver City, for example), but that in itself is an important observation, for the invisible doors are a bit harder to detect and interpret, yet they make their presence felt in their own good time.
I am thinking about the good old John Lennon song IMAGINE about there being no countries. I guess in a way it’s the same as not having any doors.  I wonder if that is really possible, for I’d like to be a dreamer, too!
Thing is, it doesn’t really matter if the doors are open or closed. I could think about windows instead and then feel completely different about our new experience. It’s about staying vigilant about my own biases.
This first entry about moving to Thoreau is dedicated to Debra Petersen, my friend and colleague, who encouraged me to blog about this new journey!