Blog name (changed)

Wildflowers in our rock garden

I just figured out how to change my blog name. The blog was what I created for PVLD Ciné-Monde. Then Erik transferred all my posts from WordPress to the PVLD server, and I continued using the WordPress blog for personal writing. I changed the blog title from moviesnmirrors (the PVLD blog) to Punjabi Kudi, but could not change the url to match that. It still said moviesnmirrors. Recently, I figured out that all I needed to do was to create another blog under the same account with a different name. Slow learning is more painful than slow cooking and the results? well, we’ll see about that. For now, it’s all the same stuff.

I’m calling it Reelingit (reeling having already been taken :-|). It has all the same posts as Punjabi Kudi @ did-it takes only a click to transfer everything! Reelingit can be accessed at!  And I don’t have to use the moviesnmirrors url that is the name of the PVLD Ciné-Monde blog.

If you’re confused, it’s no big deal, I did not say anything of any importance whatsoever. If you’re not, then you’re a few steps ahead of me. Smile!