The Farmer’s Market/Harvest Festival in Gallup

I did not remember to take my Coolpix along with me to the farmer’s market but got some pics after we drove our groceries home. It is still a little hard to digest that we make a 60 mile roundtrip to get groceries, but some of the other things we planned to do while we were there to make the most of the trip made it more than worthwhile!

We first visited the farmer’s market. We got there around 10 and found four farmers there with their goodies on folding tables and baskets. On offer were carrots, zucchini, green onions, swiss chard, kale, beets, cucumbers, hatch peppers, navajo tea, but no fruit, or bread or other homemade products.  As it was the last market of the season, we probably missed most of the summer’s produce but were happy to find what we did.

Into our cloth bags went several huge leaves of swiss chard, about a dozen onions, one huge zucchini, one Armenian cucumber (light green and barely visible under the peppers), four hatch peppers, all for five dollars.

We then walked across the street through the courthouse parking lot to Camille’s Sidewalk Cafe for coffee. I had a biscotti with my New Mexico Piñon Coffee and Jamie went for the cinammon roll with his Columbian.  It hit the spot and was going to keep us going until lunch.

After coffee, I walked up a block on Second Street and visited Gallup’s Public Library on Hill Ave., named after Octavia Fellin, a former librarian responsible for starting amd making, over a period of 4o years, the library’s Southwest collection more than 11,000 books strong!

At circulation, Bernard made both Jamie and I two cards each, a regular and a teacher card! I am so excited to go back and spend time there next weekend! The Library is celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month and is showing two films: Buena Vista Social Club (a favorite!) and the documentary, The Fight in the Fields, about César Chávez. Yes!!

After taking care of tummy food and soul food, we headed to the only hospital in Gallup — Rehoboth McKinley Christian Health Services — to find a gastroenterologist. I had done my research online at the hospital’s website and had found zero GE’s in Gallup, but we wanted to make sure by paying a personal visit. The lady at the Emergency Services was very helpful and said I would need to find one in Albuquerque, and have him/her talk to another local Gallup GP before I could be set up for my care. So, Monday, I will be on the phone looking for a local GP who accepts our insurance, see this physician, then hopefully get a referral for GE in ABQ, get that appointment, and then go to ABQ before I can be set up in Gallup for my hospital stay  in Nov. Whew!

Here are some very interesting articles I found on the web about the farmer’s market in Gallup, CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) and how several families joined hands to produce fresh food for themselves and the community!

This 2007 article from the Gallup Independent has the pictures I was not able to take this past weekend!

Work in Beauty– Still have to locate and contact this group!
Thank goodness for Gallup CSA! A blog post dated October 1st 2010
Gallup Journey – Free Community Newspaper – online version

I looked up the Farmer’s Markets on the USDA website and found a lot of good information. I was able to write to Carole Palmer, got a response from her, and made it to the last harvest market of the year! Thank you, Carole!

Gallup Farmers Market
Downtown walkway off Coal Ave.
Gallup, New Mexico
County: McKinley
Contact: Carole Palmer
Phone / Fax: (928) 871-4871
WIC: No; WIC Cash Vouchers: No; SFMNP: No; SNAP: No; Credit/Debit: No
Organic products: not known
Open Year-Round: No
July-October Saturday, 8:30 a.m.-11:00 a.m.
Record updated: 12/31/2009