The Karrot Kake PRODUKTION

Well, it seemed like a produktion to me anyway, since I usually go for the simple and easy in cooking and baking. Icing a cake was taking it to a whole new level for me, and I loved it!

The cakes have cooled and are ready to be wedded together with the gooey cream cheese frosting.

The first one’s done. Now for the pecans.

Done! I thought it would be easier to spread the cream cheese frosting on by itself and then sprinkle the chopped pecans on the cake instead of mixing them into the frosting before laying it on.  On to the second cake.

Done. The sides were a bit harder to do because my cakes were not completely flat but slightly dome-shaped, and so along the edges there were some empty spaces I had to fill with the frosting.  It was so delicious though that I thought it was a bonus!

Just couldn’t get over the fact that this worked! So I took a couple of extra shots, like being pinched to know something is real!

I liked this one just because it looked pretty in the background light.

Notice I did not try to cover the sides with pecans. I chickened out, I guess, because I could not figure a way out to do that without getting my hands all gooey with the icing and spoiling the look. Bet there’s a baker’s secret out there that I should google!

What I loved about this PRODUKTION is that the frosting was perfect for our taste: not sugary (the recipe called for 3 and 1/2 cups of confectioner’s sugar, I used just a little over a cup), not too buttery (recipe said one stick of butter = 8 tbs., I used 5), good vanilla 2 tsp, and a dash of lemon juice. Heaven.