Horses Part 2

They came by today and I had to drop everything and take a few pictures.  No time to write, but I will get to it!

Here I am two weeks later, but nevertheless it is easy to pick up where I dropped off.  These are regular visitors now, so I think I am going to name them just for fun and see if I can learn something more about them that way.

Friday morning, when Jamie’s alarm rang at 5:30, he looked out the bedroom window to behold one of the horses peacefully munching away. Our backyard!

So they’re quite friendly and while they might look up at you from time to time while they are eating, they remain mostly calm. It’s when you approach them within three feet or less that it seems to get too close for comfort and they start to trot away. And if you pursue them they get real nervous, and then you know what happens, well, you saw it in the video.

I used to ride horses in India and really enjoyed getting to know them.  These ones look pretty friendly to me.