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Shooting Stars

Like a shooting star, Gauri’s dreams arced across the sky and landed with a soft thud in the bread she was trying to make. Puffs of flour billowed out of the bowl, sailed upward through the cold, still… Continue reading

The Karrot Kake PRODUKTION

Well, it seemed like a produktion to me anyway, since I usually go for the simple and easy in cooking and baking. Icing a cake was taking it to a whole new level… Continue reading

les pâtes, encore!

Does anyone know how to add a pic when replying to a post, as in leaving a comment? I wanted to post this pic in the thread of comments related to the JOY… Continue reading

The Farmer’s Market/Harvest Festival in Gallup

I did not remember to take my Coolpix along with me to the farmer’s market but got some pics after we drove our groceries home. It is still a little hard to digest… Continue reading

The JOY of homemade pasta

Yeah, it’s gonna sound corny to you, I mean the JOY of pasta, the joy?! isn’t that just slightly over the top? Mais non! If you’ve had homemade pasta, joy is the only… Continue reading

Climb ev’ry mountain

Recently, Jamie invited one of his colleagues and our neighbor, Jane (pseudonym), to share nachos and have a beer. I had only met her once before when I had driven into Thoreau in… Continue reading

What’s in YOUR Soup?

1/4 cup barley 2 tbl olive oil 4 oz mushrooms of your choice, sliced celery–diced–6-7 stalks, more if you really like celery 2 carrots diced 1 large onion roughly chopped 2 medium russet… Continue reading

Sun dried tomatoes-shredded drumsticks-fresh tomato-potato-onion hash

I can already tell this is going to be such a fun post!  OK, for starters, the image above is not what I cooked, it’s the closest match to what I made, although… Continue reading