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Looking in

Since I live in the Navajo Nation, I got this in the mail the other day (just as the note at the top of the survey indicates). I started reading the survey out… Continue reading

Horses Part 3

Click on the links below to check out home videos of our equine friends. I recognized Gemi and Fondue in the first few frames.  The third, fourth and fifth ones were harder to… Continue reading

Chaco Canyon

  Having been born in India and having since then had the opportunity to visit and study other countries gave me a perspective privy only to those who pull themselves out of their home… Continue reading

Horses Part 2

They came by today and I had to drop everything and take a few pictures.  No time to write, but I will get to it! Here I am two weeks later, but nevertheless… Continue reading

A trip to Grants, NM

Yesterday marked my first dentist visit in NM and my first use of the NM Public School Insurance program. The dentist Jamie’s colleague recommended is in Grants, NM, which is 30 miles east… Continue reading

Horses in our Backyard

I was coming back from the Post Office on Oct 7 and ran into them. They are just a joy to watch.  I have no intelligent comments to add here, except, I hope… Continue reading

The Farmer’s Market/Harvest Festival in Gallup

I did not remember to take my Coolpix along with me to the farmer’s market but got some pics after we drove our groceries home. It is still a little hard to digest… Continue reading

Climb ev’ry mountain

Recently, Jamie invited one of his colleagues and our neighbor, Jane (pseudonym), to share nachos and have a beer. I had only met her once before when I had driven into Thoreau in… Continue reading

Up in the Air

We set the alarm for 4:30 am. We were out of the house and into the car at 5:15 am hoping to make it for the Mass Ascension 7 am at the famous… Continue reading

The Ancient Way Café and Outpost

Yesterday, Jamie took us out for a drive to explore a new part of our surrounding region and then for a surprise lunch. There is no direct way to get to Ramah from… Continue reading